Sunday, August 19, 2007


Written Aug 17th 3:30am

I just want to see you
I just want to know you're there
I just want to feel you
I just want to know you care
I can almost reach you
WSmell the scent of your hair
I can almost kiss you
Your lips, your neck, everywhere
I just want you around
To hold, to please, to amaze
See nothing even matters
'Cause soon in your eyes I can gaze
Time is moving slowly
yet so swift it seems
I pray come morning
In my arms you will be
I just want to see you
I just want to know you're there
I just want to feel you
I just want to know you care
It may seem cliche
But that place up above
I'm sure you were sent from
I think I'm in....LOVE

Saturday, August 4, 2007

X Marks the Spot

gleaming, glistening
enticing my soul
stealing my vision
but I can't make it out.
I search for that which will complete us
hidden beneath years of pain and frustration
concealed behind walls
to protect its fragility
Scars and brusies have defected it surface
Yet there's still some luster to be discovered
Lead me to itI'm here and willing
Help me discover how to heal
and strip away its shield.
Longing to nurture, to hold and to help
it to regain its strength so it can
hopefully one day rid its
reluctance to beat with another
Another who's experienced the same
I've given you mine
my precious gift from deep within
Why don't I deserve the same?
Is it me?Am I flawed?
Is it someone else?
Whatever it may be
I haven't given up
I will continue
Sifting, tearing away
at that which protects
your HEART....

a weezy original*

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Child Rebel Soldier

CRS, Child Rebel Soldier, may be the next great hip hop Supergroup consisting of Kanye, Lupe, and Pharrell. This could change music for real. I pray they make it official. This song is called us Placers. "And they love it, and they love it..."

Love has No Color

Hooray for Multiculturalism!

Kevin Michael

Fresh new voice!

Fulfilling my purpose

“I really like this xcited feeling I get from u and whatever this relation/friendship is gonna do- I hope I never lose this feeling you give me..”-A Close Friend. I’ve come to realize this is my purpose in life…to bring joy to others. In the process, I get beat up pretty badly, but out of agony, ecstasy is born. I pray that one day joy will come my way from the soul of another…I think I will truly love when it is truly reciprocated. I feel as if it’s all been an illusion but one day it will be genuine. This pseudo love is like a virus which has evolved cellular constituents to trick their hosts into thinking it is not foreign. As a result our immune response is zero. We let our guards down because we recognize it as love. But over time, the viral defenses begin to wear out and show its true nature. My goal: Find love within myself. Infect myself with true love. This self-love will help me develop immunity against imposters so that the ONE will stick out. The ONE….