Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rant on immaturity

I have an old soul. A lot of things I want out of life, many 23 year old African-Americans do not (more often males). Marriage, a family, etc. However, being in medical school makes it impossible (for me personally) to pursue those avenues. Many of my classmates are married with one or more kids or just married period. Being in a relationship while "fighting in the Vietnam War" which is medical school, can be a hassle. It makes no sense to me right now. Women are emotional and sometimes men are too. So say for instance an argument ensues over the way one partner is feeling. It may be a misunderstanding that turns into hours of arguing over the phone. Afterwards, that turns into hours of feeling bad or worrying while trying to learn. Time is vital! I feel bad for taking a shower sometimes because I feel like I should be studying. So imagine having a seemingly worthless or extensive argument when all you really want to do is learn the parasympathetic control of the nasal mucosa. That being said, I think it is better to stay single for as long as possible while in medical school. 
Oh! One more rant. I just realized there are levels of immaturity. Some guys will try to hide their true intentions of using you for a f*ck buddy, or simultaneously dating other people, etc. This is the majority of guys my age. They care about money, sex, and swagger (which is nauseating and over-rated). There are also those guys who think they know what they want and then n amount of time into the relationship they change their mind. There's nothing wring with not being interested in a person anymore but for goodness sakes let's not take backwards steps and revert back to the previously stated mind state. Then there are the mature immature. They have immature intentions but are mature enough to recite a monologue to you (even if you don't ask) about what they want or intend. If someone is flat out telling you, "I'm no good" and you can't handle that emotionally, about-face and move on. If I was interested in dating right now, I would prefer the latter. It's the lesser of the two evils. It prevents any future confusion and you ride at your own risk. Personally, I think I'm too cute for either option. Okay I'm going to bed now. Deuces.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I discriminate. When it comes to men, I say no to: light skin, athletes, pretty boys, short stature...East-coasters...those with no phone...those with no direction in life, those that care about swagger and gettin money (there's more to life sorry)...my list is long and weeds out a lot of confusion. Okay some are listed jokingly and are based on past experiences. I would rather be compatible with a guy with a gorilla face than an ass hole with a baby face. I can't handle a guy who thinks they look better than me (lol jk) or that they can have any women they want. I like wearing heels sometimes and if I have to bend down to hug you its not okay. Haven't you ever heard the Biggie song "Mo Money Mo Problems?" Okay that was a strange rant but I think my discrimination is worth noting. good nite