Monday, February 23, 2009

In other words...

A response to last week's New York Post atrocity....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another again...

The story seems to be the same everytime and I am trying to figure out why...I have the type of personality that cause me to have a huge impact on the lives of guys I encounter and decide to take interest in. However something negative always gets thrown into the mix. I am so often misunderstood by those who choose to define me by the perceptions of others. those who enshroud my personality, the things that make me who I am, under a veil of deceit. they denounce the person I can be in favor of glorifying the image and persona exalted by peers who "know" me or by previous encounters with women. . . because we are all the same . . . all after the same thing...all inherently evil and even when I begin to allow them into my world, they doubt my intentions. So then I wonder why ask about me? Why get to know me? Why does one want me to open up? Why should I give in? Why take advantage? Why venture into the depths of my soul, skin to skin, breath to breath? you're already convinced you know who i am.....

Well, I've lived and I've learned
I've taken and I've earned
I have laughed, I have cried
I failed and I have tried
Sunshine, pourin rain
I found joy through my pain
Just wanna be happy...bein me
-Common "G.O.D Gaining One's Definition"