Friday, March 19, 2010

Love and/or Marriage????

“A woman who embarks on a quest to find a husband by any means usually focuses so much on the goal that she forgets the journey,” @NakedWithSocks, 3/18/10

These are just a bunch of questions I decided to answer in response to the blog below. By t he way, the blog is on point. Subscribe!

Do you agree that a lot of people are more focused on getting married than being in love?
I think a lot of women start out wanting to be in love but after a while they get tired of dating jerk after jerk. Or they don't take the time to focus on why their previous relationships did not work out, and instead just jump into another. Some women do not even love themselves let alone love someone else properly.

Do you think that line of thinking is what’s led to so many divorces?
Yes because people are looking for that instant gratification, they do not take the time to perceive the long term "consequences" of the union. Can you really deal with his anger problems till death do you part? You mean to tell me you are going to let him call you out your name for the rest for your life? When women marry men knowing they can do better, it's a recipe for disaster.

Do you know, or are you, a woman that’s obsessed with getting married?
I am obsessed with being in love which gets me in trouble. Recently I've learned to take things extremely slow because once the "honeymoon" period of relationships is over, people's true character seep out from the cracks. I would love to get married someday but definitely not without the foundation of love and friendship.

Is that because you feel as if you biological clock is ticking?
It's because I do not want my career to get in the way of me finding love. Also, all my friends I grew up with are getting engaged and married. I know my time will come so I am trying to keep hope alive. I would never force marriage upon a man. Not even a relationship (if we are not sexually involved, otherwise we need to be committed). Marriage should be a mutual decision. I won't wait around for 15 years that being said.

What did you think of my opening quote/tweet and comma analogy?
I loved your opening quote and comma analogy. The journey to marriage IS the most important part. It is during this time you learn so much about yourself and about your mate. You should develop a stronger character as a result. The commas along that journey are necessary to see how badly you want the relationship to work and how you handle tough situations. I always say it's not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. Relationships take work!! If you're not prepared to get dirty than leave me alone! lol

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