Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is love???

I have no idea. When I think I know, I get slapped into reality. The word is thrown around like a piece of cheap clothing instead of protected and delivered like a prized possession. The word can hide a bad situation and turn it seemingly into bliss. Just because I "love you" doesn't mean we are meant to be or will ever be (yes, I love that Jazmine Sullivan song "Lions, Tigers, and Bears") A recent find: "To use the word "love" for a mere feeling is careless and cruel. Authentic love is not a feeling, but a permanent commitment of the will to the true good of the other person. In a romantic context, therefore, the words "I love you" mean "I have resolved, if you will have me, to give the rest of my life to you alone." They are properly used only as a preamble to proposing, with marriage to follow shortly, and to speak them when no such intention has been formed is to use a woman's heart as your plaything."

So why are you REALLY uttering those words?

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CorbinPickett said...

I dig the depth. And i agree completely. I have come to learn that everyone loves differently, but i truly believe many do not ask themselves if they are actually ready to follow through via actions after letting this noun slip from their lips.